Monday, June 1, 2009

Need to look for a partner/investor for Bubele

I have put it off long enough I suppose. I keep thinking "If I could just get a few BIG sales" than I could afford to keep doing it on my own, but reality is quickly sinking in!

The cloth diapers continue to sell well, although I need a surge of money right now in order to finish my current clothing productions to fill all these orders! I will somehow have to pull it all together and manage it, but I will soon need to find someone who will invest in my business. I know I can't be picky, but ideally I would love someone who could be a partner in the business as well- someone who has interest in my products. I know it's going to be difficult to find someone to invest... I have no idea where to start! Where does one go when they need money??

If I can't find an investor, I won't give up, but I will have to shrink my line quite a bit to make it work. Where is Daddy Warbucks when you need him?

Let's see how this plays out... I am sure plenty of inventors and designers go through this same problem. Next season is quickly approaching and I need a plan!


  1. Good luck - I hope an investor lands on your lap right now because your stuff is adorable! :)

  2. Have you looked into getting a small business loan that are especially for women? I'm sure you can google something. Good luck finding an investor/partner!

  3. Thanks! I did a search on getting a business loan, but there's tons on info to weed through!! I will certainly blog about it if I go this route....