Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cloth Diaper Sale!!

Blue minky dot now on SALE!! I have discounted these diapers to help move out some inventory! Get them on ebay for $6 a piece plus shipping. Don't forget, I offer $5 flat rate shipping, so stock up now!!

These have a pink fleece inner which was actually a mistake but turned out super cute! Some customers say they still use them for a boy because once on, you can't see the pink :)

Stop buy ebay, mention this blog and get a free bamboo terry stuffer!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preview of what's to come for cloth diapering!

OK, here is is... drumroll please!

I have decided not only to do boxed sets of basic PUL diapers that will include pretty much everything you need to get you started with cloth diapering (dipes, bamboo stuffers, wipes, liners and possibly a wash). I also decided I have to do more of the printed minky! Even though they are a bit hot in the summer time, the layer of minky works so well as an overnight diaper! Not to mention they feel so luxurious and will make your friends jealous!!

I will be pairing up some of my printed minky dipers with coordinating leg warmers. Here's a picture of the leg warmers with one of my current diapers, but the actual designs are still in the works and will be revealed as soon as production is completed! Stay tuned for contests....... =D

Monday, June 1, 2009

Need to look for a partner/investor for Bubele

I have put it off long enough I suppose. I keep thinking "If I could just get a few BIG sales" than I could afford to keep doing it on my own, but reality is quickly sinking in!

The cloth diapers continue to sell well, although I need a surge of money right now in order to finish my current clothing productions to fill all these orders! I will somehow have to pull it all together and manage it, but I will soon need to find someone who will invest in my business. I know I can't be picky, but ideally I would love someone who could be a partner in the business as well- someone who has interest in my products. I know it's going to be difficult to find someone to invest... I have no idea where to start! Where does one go when they need money??

If I can't find an investor, I won't give up, but I will have to shrink my line quite a bit to make it work. Where is Daddy Warbucks when you need him?

Let's see how this plays out... I am sure plenty of inventors and designers go through this same problem. Next season is quickly approaching and I need a plan!