Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preview of what's to come for cloth diapering!

OK, here is is... drumroll please!

I have decided not only to do boxed sets of basic PUL diapers that will include pretty much everything you need to get you started with cloth diapering (dipes, bamboo stuffers, wipes, liners and possibly a wash). I also decided I have to do more of the printed minky! Even though they are a bit hot in the summer time, the layer of minky works so well as an overnight diaper! Not to mention they feel so luxurious and will make your friends jealous!!

I will be pairing up some of my printed minky dipers with coordinating leg warmers. Here's a picture of the leg warmers with one of my current diapers, but the actual designs are still in the works and will be revealed as soon as production is completed! Stay tuned for contests....... =D


  1. oh how cute....Love them....what a fabulous idea

  2. I just ordered a dalmation minky from you last night on e-bay and I'm so excited to see it. My little one won't be here until November, but we are getting different kind of diaps to see what we like best. I find out next week what we are having, so when I do I'm sure I'll be ordering some diap/leg warmer sets.

  3. Thanks Ladies :)

    Congratulations Leslie!!