Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I think I have hit my limit of stress!

I knew I was stressed out about a lot of things, but mostly about my one business(Not Bubele). I also produce clothing for other designers. I use the same factories for orders which leaves me up half the night most of the time negotiating prices, terms, details, etc. Then, I have to wake up with the kids and handle the customers, who are mostly from the U.S. I am running in and out of my home office all day answering emails, going over details, etc.

Luckliy Adam is now working from home to take on some clients and lessen my load, but the transition has been tough. I am still overworked and it's showing. I am grinding my teeth at night so bad it stripping away my enamel!! What happend to the promise I made 18 months ago that I would live a simple life?

To top it off, because of what happend 18 months ago, I have hormone issues that came from all the blood loss. So, mommy is very cranky for about 2 weeks.... it's great being a woman!! :D

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