Friday, November 28, 2008

Sales Reps

Bubele has it's very first sales rep, finally! I found a list of sales reps specifically for children's wear on and I would sit down and go through the regional lists and make calls. This lead to no where and took up a ton of time during the day. So, I started going through the lists and just pulling out the ones with email address listed and emailed everyone on the list about Bubele.

I have only done a few lists, but I now have a rep in the Mid West who is incredible! She emailed me back and showed interest in the line. She is so professional and she took the time to actually go to the site and look through my items. Speaking to her was such a breath of fresh air and gave me that extra push needed to reorganize my line and get focused on the more important items like the bodysuit with the attached loop and the bib with attached neck roll. I somehow have to find a way to market these items more effectively.

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