Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on Evan's early intervention

It's been a few months since Evan started in the early intervention program and he defintely is making great improvements! We started out with one day a week of speech therapy and one more day another teacher would come and just work on general stuff. After seeing some imporvement, we wanted to push! We then requested to increase his speech services to 2 times a week where one of the days the therapist would go to pre school with him. So far so good! He has been learning some basic signs like "help" "more" "eat" etc. He now uses words with the signs and is a little easier to communicate with him- before he was so frustrated!!

A few weeks ago, it was time for EI services to review his progress and they determained that he was really delayed in gross and fine motor skills =( When I found out, it was like a kick in the gut and I just wanted to cry, but we are moving forward! Evan now receives 4 days a week in therapies. A new OT, Beth has started with him once a week on top of his other 3 days of therapy- PHEW! It's a lot, but we are hanging in there and juggling it all!

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  1. I think that sign is a wonderful way for little ones to communicate! I think it's great that he's making progress with EI, and while it's a lot, it's worth it to give him the best head start he can get. I'm sure it was hard for you to hear that he was behind on his motor skills,but boys are always slower with those things than girls anyway. Hang in there, and remember, he's making progress :o)