Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updating inventory

Keeping a constant eye on inventory and updating on a regular basis is essential! The last time I did inventory was before I updated the site and before I hired a sales rep in the Mid West. After online sales and sales from retailers, I thought I should go over inventory again. What a mess!! :)

My actual inventory is way off of what I had counted and tracked last time. Why is this? Well, one reason may be when I need to send off media kits in a hurry, I just grab something and NOT mark it down. Or I mark it down, but not on the actual inventory sheet.

Because my items are mix and match, I really need to know exactly what I have in stock at all times. If a retailer calls me on Monday morning and asks what I have in stock for immediate delivery, I better know what I am talking about!

So, my advice on inventory control if you are a start up clothing line is to ALWAYS keep track! Find what method works best for you. I think I may need a clipboard hanging up in my face that I can grab and mark down quickly if something goes out. I have inventory management software which is good but doing both and reconciling at the end of the week is what has to be done.

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