Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Giving to charity makes sense

I had a great discussion today with my 5 year old. It was about giving to charity.

Adam was loading up the car (the tiny prius) full of things we didn't need any longer to drop them off at the Salvation Army. Dylan asked why daddy was putting all of our stuff in the car and I told him where it was going and of course he wanted to know more about this whole charity thing...

I said, "Well, when we don't need things any more like this old rocking chair, we donate it to a place that gives it to people that may need something they can't afford. A new mommy may need this rocking chair to rock her baby."

He looked at me and said "OH! That makes sense!" It was like a little light went off. He understood that there are people out there who would like some of the things we have for ourselves that may not be able to afford it. He knows all about money and how it works. He has had his own little bank for the past year and when he wants a new toy, he has to save for it. So, the basic concepts are there.

The conversation ended with his ideas for that new mommy to utilize the cool side pockets in the rocking chair. Kids are compassionate by nature I think.

I have some charities that have been on my mind lately that I want to donate to. I will be setting that up soon through Bubele and will post more info at a later date :)

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