Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Organize your shopping list!

I love my new Smartshopper! It makes grocery shopping so much easier. I am not an organized person by nature but I am trying really hard to get organized and this little machine is perfect!

It is an electronice list maker that can be put on the fridge. All you have do is press a button and speak the item you want added to the list. For example, when I am running out of coffee, I go to the fridge, press the button and say coffee.

It categorizes everything into dairy, canned goods, etc.

It comes preloaded with several foods and you have to program it, but once you do, it is so easy to use. I programmed different lists so that I can have seperate lists for each store I shop at. For example, I like to have a grocery list and then a B.J.'s (wholesale club) list.


  1. how stinking cool is this? I am not a fan of grocery shopping anyway...but this could help cut down my time...and maybe I'd even enjoy it more...awesome

  2. I despise grocery shopping because I am so unorganized, but if you do a little meal planning and keep up with your electronic list maker... it makes it much easier!

  3. As far as I know to give an have to have one given to I am giving you the thank you award also!! Go to my blog to pick it up!! Love your products...if you ever want to do a review/giveaway for them...let me know.

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  5. So cool! How in the heck does that work, and where did you get it?