Friday, April 17, 2009

Being a WAHM.... easy, right?

I am sure every WAHM gets comments from people every once in awhile about how easy is must be to work from home while you take care of your kids. Well, my 5 year old was on spring break this week and it is now Friday and I love him dearly, but I am about to pull out my hair out and cry in a corner!

Yes, maybe I get to stay in my Pj's a little bit longer than moms that go to work outside of the home, but most days I feel like I work from 7:30 AM to 11 PM. I am not complaining because the best perk of being a WAHM is I can take a mini break and play with my kids any time I want. But to say it is easy, is not true at all!

Shortly after I can manage to get out of bed (after baby throws paci on the floor and yells uh-oh! for the 100Th time) I make the kids breakfast (and coffee) and go straight to work. There usually is some pressing issue that I have to take care of right away and as soon as I start my work day, I can get stuck at the computer for hours.

Of course during the morning rush, I have to change diapers, entertain a 5 year old and break up any fights/tantrums(Usually the baby starting a fight w/big bro). Hopefully I get lucky enough to break for lunch which often gets spent back at the computer.

Most days, I do try and not answer any emails after 4 or 5PM so I can start dinner, play with the kids and then... bedtime! Lately I have been lucky with the kids going to bed pretty easily!! Afterwards, I go back to work for awhile to follow up on any loose ends from earlier and then I take a break with hubby to watch TV. Before bed, I check emails to make sure everything is on track so I don't wake up to any disasters!

With all that said, I know this will get easier when the kids are both in school all day long. It's very difficult now to balance things just right because as a WAHM you have to focus on several things at once! Hopefully, with a little more organization on my part, I can find a way to balance family and work a little better than I have been! I wish I had some secrets to share to give other WAHMs some hope but the best advise I can give is be productive as possible each day to get closer to goals you set but set aside time throughout the day for kids. If something doesn't get done as fast as you would like, the world is not going to end!


  1. whoever said being a WAHM is easy...isn't one...I give you tons of credit

  2. So right!! It's really hard to balanceit all. I find something gets dropped every day...the housework one day, blog stuff another. There's just never enough time for EVERYthing. I'll be homeschooling too, so I worry about how I'll do it all when I have *that* to fit in as well!!!

  3. AH, I had to laugh about waking up when the baby throws the paci on the floor and says "UhOH!" over and over. This is how I wake up every morning- except my son is throwing out his Beebo (his bear), his bunny, and both blankets from his crib. Once he gets them all out, the "uhOH!" gets louder and closer together, until I know I've squeezed ALL my alone time out of the morning. And at this point, I'm either glad I already got a shower, or wishing I'd dragged my butt outta bed before that time so I COULD have a shower. Alone, ha!