Saturday, February 21, 2009

Being a WAHM and staying healthy

I am sure many work-at-home-moms find this as difficult as I do. The main problem is we rarely leave the house. We work from home and stay at home with the kids so it is difficult to get out and get that exercise we need! Not to mention, if you live out in the country and get tons of snow like we do, leaving is not an option this time of year!

There is also another problem: eating healthy. While managing 2 businesses from home, sometimes I don't pick the healthiest choices. I do try and cook healthy for the kids, but I refuse to use unnatural ingredients while cooking for the kids. Using natural ingredients adds flavor and sometimes more fat to food. While the kids eat the portions they should, I just grab and go, not noticing how much I am actually eating.

I am also a bad snacker, especially when working. I often like to munch on anything salty or sweet for a quick snack while I check emails.

So, I have decided that I need to live healthier so I feel better and have more energy. It's not impossible. I already identified the problems, now all I have to do is fix it, right? ;)

Here are some of my solutions I have come up with to my problems:

1. Getting out of the house to get me time/exercise. I am looking into local gyms and even though we live out in the country, I found a nearby Curves that I may join. I am going to go check it out and see if I feel comfortable there. Not everyone may feel the need to exercise out of the home, but considering I work from home (and so does Adam) I would like to take the opportunity to get out and do something healthy for myself!

2. Portion control. I have had a membership to Weight Watchers online for awhile because I have used it in the past and it worked. I have not been strict about keeping track of what I put in my mouth. I leave the tracking tools open on my desktop so I have a constant reminder to keep track.

I sometimes do buy ww frozen entrees for myself but I have also started making dinners for myself that are low fat and I enjoy. I make several portions of the same dish and measure it out into containers and freeze.

3. Snacking. I need snacks that are pre portioned. I bought several ww and 100 calorie snacks that are all 2 points so I emptied them all into a bag and I can grab one when I feel the need. I have also taken a look at my eating habits and I make sure I keep enough points for those snacks I crave!

Any WAHMs out there on WW? Leave a comment or connect with me on twitter: to support one another!

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